Commissioning training

All the training courses take the content off the page and show participants how to use these approaches in their school or workplace. They are all run in workshop style, providing expert guidance but also lots of practical ideas to implement right away. Participants will leave each workshop with a clear idea of how to better support the children and young people they work with.

Training for all school staff including senior leadership or SaLT/advisory teaching service

Word Aware courses are best suited to being commissioned by individual schools, small clusters of schools or individual services.

For schools: ‘Word Aware’ is a whole school approach, and so attending the course as a whole school staff underlines the point that the entire staff team is involved in vocabulary teaching. Included in the price is a one year subscription to Lift Lessons video teaching resources.


Word Aware 1 Primary (2nd edition)
1 day face to face for the whole school staff plus twilight Zoom session specifically for Early Years practitioners. £800 (up to 15)

£1200 (15 to 50 people)

£1475 (50 to 150 people)

1 day for the whole school staff plus twilight session specifically for Early Years practitioners. Both via Zoom £600 (up to 15)

£1000 (15 to 50 people)

£1275 (50 to 100 people)

Word Aware 2 Early Years
I day face to face £800 (up to 15)

£1200 (15 to 50 people)

£1475 (up to 150 people)

I day via Zoom £600 (up to 15)

£1000 (15 to 50 people)

£1275 (50 to 100 people)



Training for teaching assistants and their direct managers (e.g.: SENCO)

  Costs Expenses
Word Aware 3 small groups Coming soon  
Language for Thinking
½ day on Zoom £450 (up to 100 people) X
Language for Behaviour and Emotions
2 days on Zoom £3000                       X


Training aimed at professionals who would like to deliver the Word Aware training to others.

  Costs Expenses
Word Aware Training for Trainers
half days via Zoom


£3200 (up to 12 people) Includes two boxes of resources

£3600 (up tp 16 people) Includes two boxes of resources




Travel Train fares to you. Anna is based in Herefordshire. Stephen is in London
Accommodation If the journey is more than an hour and a half from either of Stephen’s or Anna’s home then we will need accommodation the night before. We book simple accommodation. If travelling a particularly long way, then accommodation may be needed for after the course also e.g. travelling to/from Scotland.



  1. We offer a 30% discount to CENs (SaLTs clinical excellence networks).
  2. We invoice after the course. We are not VAT registered.
  3. We expect to be provided with lunch on the day.
  4. For larger courses we prefer to train together (although this isn’t always possible). We charge the same whether it is one or both trainers.
  5. We email organisers a copy of the PowerPoint slides, worksheets and evaluation form. It is the organiser’s responsibility to copy/send these for your participants.
  6. Organisers need to arrange for attendees to have access to books both on the day and afterwards. Attendees will need enough for easy accessibility in the workplace e.g. one per base/school.  If you are selling places on the course it is best if the book is included in the course price, so they can start using it immediately they get back to their workplace. Books may be purchased directly from Routledge Speechmark Publishing or online.
  7. If you need to cancel a course, then let us know in good time. If you are worried about not having enough participants to make it viable let us know your concerns as soon as possible. We will only charge for the costs we have incurred up to that point.
  8. If we are forced to cancel a course because of circumstances beyond our control we will not charge you. However, we take no responsibility for any costs incurred by you.
  9. For face-to-face training we prefer to train up to 50 people at a time as this gives opportunities for discussion and support. However, we are happy to train larger groups (up to 150) but audiences larger than 50 will incur an additional charge. With larger groups the facilities need to be of high standard. Efficient break and lunchtime catering is essential. Once a group is over 50 people, we will require amplification.
  10. For this course we require a laptop (able to run PowerPoint) with internet connection, data projector, flip chart and pens. Ideally speakers are required also.
  11. From experience these course works best if participants are able to sit at tables of 4 to 6. If no tables are possible then we suggest arranging chairs into clusters to encourage group work.
  12. We have delivered lots of training sessions via Zoom and this has been successful. This obviously limits interaction but can be a good option for those on a budget.
  13. The Word Aware one day introduction course equips attendees to implement ‘Word Aware’ in their own schools. We encourage sharing of our resources and ideas with others so long as they are referenced. However, if attendees wish to deliver ‘Word Aware’ training for others outside of their organisation and join our training network then participants will need to attend the ‘Training for Trainers’ course.

Word Aware Training for Trainers

Attending a Word Aware training for trainers course equips participants to run high quality Word Aware courses in their local area, use Word Aware in the title and have courses advertised via our website and on social media.

Services who have trained numbers of their staff have added Word Aware into their offer to schools. They deliver the training and then support schools to implement the approach.

Word Aware Training for Trainers is an assessed course and with set tasks which must be completed to ensure all attendees are confident and competent trainers. Attendees must have attended a Word Aware one day course before the Training for Trainers course.