At Thinking Talking we focus on what works in the classroom to support children’s development of speech, language and communication.


Spoken language and communication skills matter because:

  • They form the foundation for early literacy development
  • They underpin reading comprehension
  • They are the means by which children and young people access the curriculum
  • They are crucial to forming social relationships
  • They lead to better life outcomes.

And yet many children start school without the expected level of spoken language skills and as a result are soon left behind. This may be because of conditions such as developmental language disorder or learning difficulties, or because they are exposed to less talk at home. Whatever the cause it is crucial that schools are equipped to support them.

At Thinking Talking we are dedicated to improving children and young people’s language and communication skills, but we understand that time is precious, so we develop time efficient interventions that work.

Our publications

Word Aware series

‘Word Aware’ is a whole school approach for developing vocabulary. It is a fun and engaging way to promote word learning for all children across your primary or elementary school. It provides lots of ideas and resources to inspire you. ‘Word Aware 1’ is focussed on the primary years, ‘Word Aware 2’ is specifically for Early Years and Word Aware 3 is for high needs learners.

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Language for Behaviour and Emotions

‘Language for Behaviour and Emotions’ has been developed with Melanie Cross. This practical, interactive resource is designed to be used by professionals who work with children and young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and Speech,Language and Communication needs.

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Language for Thinking

‘Language for Thinking’ is a targeted intervention for developing a child’s ability to understand questions, starting from the most concrete (e.g. Who? Where?) and moving on to the more abstract (e.g. Why? How?). ‘Language for Thinking’ is widely used because it is effective and easy to implement.

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