Accredited Word Aware trainers

Accredited Word Aware trainers are all experienced trainers who have in depth knowledge of the approach, have attended additional training with Anna Branagan and Stephen Parsons, and passed quality standards.

A local accredited Word Aware trainer will have more flexibility with dates and may be able to provide twilight sessions in addition to one day INSET. They may also be available for more local follow up.

Contact details are provided below. Please contact directly for availability and pricing.

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Location  ↔ Name Email address
N. Ayrshire Linda Mortimer
Falkirk  Jennifer MacAlpine
Falkirk Heather Watkins  
Falkirk Nicola Orr  
Falkirk Catherine Cameron  
 N. Ayrshire  Sheena Dunlop
N. Ayrshire Dolina Rumbold
N. Ayrshire Joanna Shearer
N. Ayrshire Lynne Frame
N. Ayrshire Caroline Turtle
 N. Ayrshire  Michelle Millar
Ayrshire & Arran Louise Bain  
Ayrshire & Arran Dawn McMahon  
Ayrshire & Arran Eliza McDowall  
Ayrshire & Arran Eileen Halbert  
South Ayrshire  Karen Little
South Ayrshire  Karen Miller
South Ayrshire  Marisa Doherty  
South Ayrshire  Louise McIntosh   or
 South Ayrshire  Lesley Brown  
South Ayrshire  Wendy Anderson
South Ayrshire  Sula O’Duffy  sula.o’
South Ayrshire  Rachel Boles  
East Dunbarton Fiona Wyper  
 East Dunbarton  Yasmin Ashby  
Falkirk  Cara Chalmers
Falkirk  Katie Clark
Falkirk  Claire MacLean
Falkirk  Erin McLaren  
Tayside  Jemma Lavelle
Tayside  Xophie Hooper
Falkirk  Louise Illingworth
Falkirk Jo Kennedy
Falkirk Wendy Harrison
Falkirk  Mary Coleman
 Falkirk  Anna Blackburn  
Dumfries and Galloway  Hazel Irving  
Dumfries and Galloway  Carol McQuillin  
Dumfries and Galloway  Jan Stevenson  
Dumfries and Galloway  Eilidh Ross  
 NHS Tayside  Kimberly Gorrell  
 NHS Tayside  Kirstie Gordon
 Durham  Rachel Farley
 Sheffield  Shabnam Shah
 Sheffield  Jenny Smith
Bury Janna Welsby
Leeds Charotte Orr
 East Midlands  Kate Goodhew
 Shropshire  Katherine Edmonds
Walsall, West Midlands Mary Maybank
Stoke Moira Copper
Stoke Sue Francis
Derby Jo Flanagan  
Derby Bibiana Wigley  
Leicester Judy Beer
Haringey, London Karen Costelloe  
Barnet, London Rosie Robeiro
Surrey Charley Bamford
Westminster, London Carolyn Gelenter
Swindon Ann Forrester
Oxleas, London Paula Johnson
Haringey, London Sarah Purdie  
Cambridge Sarah Bates
Cambridge and Peterborough Natalie Hunt
Hertfordshire Abbie Bude
Hertfordshire Karen Clarke
 Ireland  Pauline Morley  
Perth, Western Australia Jeannie Reid