Commissioning Language for Thinking

This one day Language for Thinking course is suitable for professionals who work supporting children’s language development: Specialist teachers, SENCO, Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists etc.

Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of Language for Thinking and will learn how to deliver training sessions which can then be delivered back in their workplace to schools, colleagues and teaching assistants. The training sessions attendees will learn to deliver:

  • one hour (intervention alone) or
  • a two hour (intervention and assessment).

No prior knowledge of Language for Thinking is required. Participants will need access to a book on the day.


Course fees £1100 for groups up to 25 people


Travel costs Train fares to you. Anna is based in Herefordshire. Stephen is in London
Accommodation If the journey is more than an hour and a half from either of Stephen’s or Anna’s home then we will need accommodation the night before. We book basic accommodation. If travelling a very long way accommodation may be needed for a second night e.g. travelling to Scotland.



  1. We offer a reduced rate of £800 to CENs (SLTs clinical excellence networks).
  2. We invoice after the course. We are not VAT registered.
  3. We expect to be provided with lunch on the day.
  4. Mostly we train together but sometimes it is necessary for us to train alone. The content and the quality is the same. We charge the same whether it is one or both trainers.
  5. We email organisers a copy of the PowerPoint slides, worksheets and evaluation form. It is the organiser’s responsibility to copy these for your participants.
  6. Organisers need to arrange for attendees to have access to books both on the d ay and afterwards. Attendees will need enough for easy accessibility in the workplace e.g. one per base/school. If you are selling places on the course it is best if the book is included in the course price, so they can start using it immediately they get back to their workplace. Books may be purchased directly from Speechmark Publishing or online.
  7. If you need to cancel a course then let us know in good time. If you are worried about not having enough participants to make it viable let us know your concerns as soon as possible. We will only charge for the costs we have incurred up to that point.
  8. If we are forced to cancel a course because of circumstances beyond our control we will not charge you. However, we take no responsibility for any costs incurred by you. We have never had to cancel a course yet. For this course we require laptop (able to run PowerPoint) with internet connection, data projector, flip chart and pens.
  9. From experience the course works best if participants are able to sit at tables of 4 to 6. If no tables are possible then we suggest arranging chairs into clusters to encourage group work. Larger groups can sit in lines facing the front.
  10. The course takes the equivalent of 9.30-4.00 or 9.00-3.30 with 45 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks.