Word Aware 2

Word Aware 2: Early Years

Word Aware 2 was published in 2016. It is based on the same principals as Word Aware but it is adapted for the Early Years. It includes the fun and engaging ‘Concept Cat’ method to teach children early verbal concepts such as ‘both, corner, smooth and after’. Word Aware 2: Early Years book is available from Routledge.

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The Routledge Speechmark website has downloadable resources that accompany the book. You need to own a copy of the book and have it handy, in order to login. Click on ‘Sign in or Request access’. Then ‘Request access’.

Word Aware 2 resources


There are sing along versions of Word Aware songs on YouTube

Word Aware 2 songs

Here is the Concept Cat song


We have worked with the amazing people at Lift Lessons and they have developed Concept Cat videos for all the level 2 concepts. An example for ‘through’ is below.

Concept Cat videos






Reviews for ‘Word Aware 2: Early Years’

The book starts with a detailed, interesting and clearly referenced introduction, which would be very useful for teaching staff and is a great refresher for SLTs. I like the fact that the approach is designed for the whole class, so it’s inclusive and that there is a strong emphasis on the importance of Adult Child Interaction.
Rhiannan Walton, Therapy Ideas Blog. Full review

In summary, Word Aware is a great resource for anyone working with Early Years children and I would highly recommend it. It has a good mix of theory and practical activities which can be put into practice immediately with education staff and parents.
Emmy Pratt, Speech and Language Therapist. Full review