Language for Thinking in French

Yesterday an interesting parcel arrived in the post. It was a copy of ‘De la pensee au language’ which translates as ‘Language for Thinking’ in English.

de_la_pensee_au_langage__014512100_1151_05042014I cannot read French at all but in design and content it is virtually identical to our original ‘Language for Thinking’ with the exception of the cover and one or two of pictures which have been adapted to reflect French Canadian demographics.

That got me thinking, whilst the publishers were probably targeting French Canadian and French natives this resource can also be used with French speaking residents in English speaking countries. In East London where I work we have many Francophones on our caseloads, especially from Africa. Language for Thinking is such a straightforward programme that it can then be used to deliver therapy in the child’s home language; an ideal that we aim for, but cannot often deliver on. Schools often have French speaking staff, so even if you do not speak a word of it yourself a teaching assistant may be able to do so. Equally a parent may be able to get involved.

‘De la pensee au language’ is a direct translation of ‘Language for Thinking’ so once you are familiar with the latter you will be able to talk with confidence about the French translation. Using them side by side whilst you are explaining the process to a parent or colleague further supports this process.

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