Free resources for schools and families

As schools have recently closed in the UK, it has been a steep learning curve for all concerned. No one planned for this day, or at least not us! Motivating children to work at home for extended periods can be rather tedious, but one trick is to find games that are also educational. Luckily, word games are a great way to learn words and develop word learning skills.


We have created two sets of resources:

Set one: Longer version for schools which are still open for selected children. These activities may also be adapted and sent home.

Set two: shorter version for families who are home-schooling. Involve the whole family and play the ones you like.

All of the games listed either require no resources, pen and paper, free online resources or we have provided what you need. The games are simple and quick to do, and hopefully will put a smile on a few more faces.

Word games for families

Word games for schools

Anna Branagan and Stephen Parsons