If you want kids to remember words make a vocabulator. Vocab-u-what?

Vocabulators are are great way for children to independently review words. They are particularly useful for learners who need a bit of movement and excitement.

vocabulatorVocabulators are plastic bottles or jars that are filled with noisy stuff (such as pasta or rice) and interesting coloured things (such as small pieces of shiny paper or objects). Written words (double sided works best) are then added. We also recommend you add a paper clip to each word as this reduces the likelihood of them sticking together. You can make one in just a few minutes using readily available materials.

The original idea came from Melissa Forney  but vocabulators can be adapted in lots of different ways. Like this:





Make a vocabulator that challenges children to find words related to a topic, verbs, replacements for ‘said’ or words that are connected. You can set up group or individual activities.

As well as being fun vocabulators are also a powerful way of reviewing words that chldren have been introduced to. The more fun ways you can think to review words the better your students will be at remembering and using them.