Commissioning Training for Trainers Word Aware

Attending a Word Aware Training for Trainers (WAT4T) course equips participants to run high quality Word Aware courses in their local area, use Word Aware in the title and have courses advertised via our website and on social media.



  • Attendees must have attended an introduction course (Early Years, Primary or secondary) before the WAT4T course.
  • The WAT4T course equips participants to train all age groups (Early Years, primary and secondary), so participants will need to become familiar with resources of all three age groups before the WAT4T course.
  • There should be time between attending the introduction day and the WAT4T day to allow participants to trial and embed the methodology first.
  • Participants must complete the preparation tasks (will be sent a few weeks before the course).


The course

A two day course which then enables successful candidates to deliver training on one or both courses Early Years This course is based on Word Aware 2 and is for all children in Nursery and Reception.
Primary This course is based on Word Aware 1.

This course touches on Early years and gives the basic principles which are used in both books.

This course is also suitable for secondary aged pupils with SEN.




We will invoice after the course. We are not VAT registered.

Course fees £3200 – includes 2 boxes of resources
Travel Train fares. Anna is based in Herefordshire. Stephen is in London
Accommodation If the journey is more than an hour and a half from either of Stephen’s or Anna’s home then we will need accommodation the night before and during the course. We book basic accommodation. If travelling a very long way accommodation may be needed for a third night e.g. travelling to Scotland.



  1. We expect lunch to be provided on the day.
  2. We will email you a link to Dropbox which will give you all the electronic resources you need. The PowerPoint slides have notes attached which you will need to read and adapt on the day. Therefore it is important that you have a laptop on the day. If this is not possible you will need to print out each slide on one page with the notes underneath.
  3. Each participant will need access to one book (either Word Aware 1 or 2). We suggest a mix of the two amongst the group. Books may be purchased either directly with Speechmark Publishing or online.
  4. If you need to cancel a course then let us know in good time. If you are worried about not having enough participants to make it viable let us know your concerns as soon as possible. We will only charge for the costs we have incurred up to that point.
  5. If we are forced to cancel a course because of circumstances beyond our control we will not charge you. However, we take no responsibility for any costs incurred by you. We have never had to cancel a course yet.
  6. The numbers on this course is strictly limited to 16 people at a time as this gives opportunities for discussion and support. Participants need to be sitting at tables.
  7. A laptop (able to run PowerPoint) with internet connection, data projector, flip chart and pens is required. Ideally speakers are required also.
  8. The course can run 9.00-4.00 or 9.30-4.30 on both days.



Participants need to pass all areas of the course:

  • Come to the course having completed requested tasks
  • Have a confident delivery style which is coherent, well organised and shows a command of the topic.
  • Exhibits an understanding of the theory
  • Shows an understanding of Word Aware processes e.g. consistently able to identify ‘Goldilocks words’.
  • After the course they need to send in one set of feedback forms that show an overall positive refection of the training. These need to scanned and sent electronically.


To successfully deliver these courses the following resources are required

  • Early years: A few toys and a dictionary.
  • Primary: A combination of paper resources, dictionaries and few other items. The paper items can be time consuming to make. Langauge for Learning ( will make these items up for you and send them to you for £100.

A full description of all the items will be provided to attendees.